Liberty City, the setting, has unique missions in each island.

This is a list of the missions in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Prologue. The missions are broken down by location.



  • Back at Home
  • Old Times
  • Wise Guys
  • Clubs in the Club
  • Disco Fever
  • On the Streets
  • Scrap Metal
  • Junkyard Jam
  • American Steel
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Money From Richard
  • Nice Bike...
  • You Can Keep It
  • American vs. Import
  • Burning Rubber
  • Less Than Nothing
  • Bell Bottom Blowout
  • Unfriendly Reunions
  • Make it Worthless
  • Chinatown Grove
  • Special Delivery
  • Making a Comeback
  • The Retreat

Staunton IslandEdit

  • New Place to Stay
  • A Different Kind of War
  • The Appetizer
  • Grocery Shopping
  • A Sundae Drive
  • The Artillery
  • Rock the Foundation
  • Alleyway Thunder
  • Dealing with Dealers
  • The Magician's Tricks
  • Faking Death
  • All For One
  • One For All
  • Sooner or Later
  • Tunnel of Tribulations
  • Going the Short Distance
  • New Waves
  • Son of a Bridge
  • Across the River

Shoreside ValeEdit

  • I'm So Shore
  • The Airman
  • Coming From Above
  • New Kids in Town
  • Bleak and Blue
  • Third Time's the Charm
  • Refusal
  • Storming the House
  • Wichita Gardens Gunfight
  • You Should Have Learned
  • Money Can Buy It
  • Dam Kids
  • Plans on a Blueprint
  • Cab Drivers
  • Peers on the Piers
  • Face the fear
  • Troubles Back Home

Final Mission Strand (Portland)Edit

  • Betraying Us
  • Teaming Up
  • Backstabbers
  • Money Grows on Greed
  • FINAL MISSION: Doing it the Hard Way

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